My role: Built the 3D rig in C4D that allowed for all the crowd placement with speed and ease.  
It was built with Xpresso and Mograph and randomly loaded in a selection of characters. I gave it simple but powerful user controls to allow for complete customization of each and every section of people. The beginning of the VFX Breakdown features the rig. 
Description from Cardboard Castle:
We are so excited to present to all of you our latest and greatest project. The good folks over at CMD Agency came to us and tasked us with filling up a stadium full of people, rain and fog. We very excitedly agreed to the challenge and confidently dove in head first! John O'Connell the directer and creative director for CMD asked Cooper Johnson to be his VFX supervisor for the project as well as Cardboard Castle's's team to do all the VFX. John said "Make it rain!" And boy did we :)
Cardboard Castle was in charge of adding all the people in the stadium. 
Populate the sidelines with extra players, coaches as well as photographers. 
Remove add banners. 
Add Jumbotron graphics
Add Seahawks logo to infield
Add Rain
Add fog
Add photo flashes
List of Credits:
Client: Microsoft
Agency: CMD
Creative Director/Director: John O'Connell
Agency Producer - Alex Dean
Studio: Cardboard Castle
Creative Director: Cooper Johnson
Producer: Alicia Johnson
Production Coordinator - Zen Freese
VFX Advisor: Jay Bills
Lead Compositor: Blain Klitzke
3D Crowd Rig: Brian Smith
3D Crowd Placement: Griffen Snow and Brian Smith
Camera Tracking: Jesse Liebhart
Roto: Jesse Liebhart, Griffen Snow, Demeko Brown, Josh Mackey, Jacob Miller
Live Action:
Production Company - Afterall
EP - Ike Martim
Line Producer - Rian Moore
DP - Kevin Fletcher
VFX Supervisor - Cooper Johnson
VFX Support: Jay Bills, Griffen Snow
Director of Photography - Kevin Fletcher
Camera Equipment - Koerner Camera 
Location - Century Link Field

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