We deliver visual effects that showcase the unique features of our clients' products. Our friends at North put Columbia's gear to the test in the harshest wilderness conditions. Impressed by the gear's exceptional performance, North approached us with a vision to create several visual effects shots to incorporate into their edit. Our team worked closely with North to bring their ideas to life.

The shots we created included a dramatic zoom through a jacket, highlighting how it traps body heat while allowing moisture to escape, and a close-up of a sleeve showcasing how the OutDry technology is impervious to rain. Our collaboration with North resulted in a beautiful spot that not only highlighted the excellence of Columbia's gear but also demonstrated our expertise with integrating live footage with visual effects.

Client: Columbia Sportswear
Agency: NORTH
VFX/3D/Animation/Compositing: Minimal Massive
Arm Sculpt: Sketchbook Inc

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